THE SOLUTION....literally
Frequently asked questions

1. What is this new solution all about?
It is a simple process that is natural, chemically neutral and VERY inexpensive. The added benefit of once you get your PH stabilized, it STAYS that way!

2. Where can I get this?
You can get the ingredients to sanitize your spa at any drug or grocery store. No more going to the spa store to spend a lot of $$$. How do you think they pay for those "free" water tests? You won't have to do those again either!

3. How much has this been tested?
It has been tested for over 17 YEARS+ in a 400 gallon spa, used everyday with a change of water and basic filter approximately every 3 months. You do not need the anti-bacterial filters. 

4. Why has nobody done this before?
Spa/Hot tub retailers DO NOT want you to know that you can do away with the expensive toxic chemical and mineral sanitizing programs. In fact this is so simple that until you try it, you won't believe it!.

5. Is it a chemical process?
No. Using two elements that we are surrounded by everyday (in fact life cannot exist without them), it breaks down the water toxins with a natural reaction.

6. Why is this "natural"?
Because it is so simple, so natural and not toxic to you, plants or the environment. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE!

7. Who wrote the book?
The author is a former Spa/Hot Tub store owner. He uses his personal spa daily and developed this program for his use and health.

8.What do I get for my $6.99?

You get a background on the currently used chemical and mineral programs and their toxic drawbacks.
You get the simple, easy to follow program.
You will have clear, fresh and odor free water.
You will get LESS skin irritations
You will save hundreds a year

*Not for use with Ozone sanitization systems-Not compatible!



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