Love Your Spa / Hot Tub Again



Tired of the expense, hassle and side effects of skin irritations, odors and smells with chemicals? 

This E-BOOK gives you a fully natural, safe, sanitary method of spa maintenance.  Developed over 17 years of use from a former Hot Tub and Spa dealer.  Pennies a day and found at all drug and grocery stores.  Once water is balanced, IT STAYS THAT WAY! 


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OVER 5000 copies SOLD!

Updated for 2023

​With added tips for spa/tub trouble shooting and cover care.

I have owned and used hot tubs/spas for over 40 years. I even owned a hot tub store. I have tried EVERY treatment on the market and finally got fed up with stinky, cloudy and irritating water! I also got tired of spending money on chemicals that over time created more problems than they cured. Over the years I have tried virtually every type of chemical maintenance. Eventually they all irritated my skin.  This NATURAL, simple and economical program has been working for me now for over 17 years. My water is always fresh, clear and there NEVER is skin irritation! Try my program and I know you will be happy.
J.Arndt, Author and developer of the "Green Spa Solution"™

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